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Saturday, 12 June 2004

PAPUA ADVENTURE TOURS & TRAVEL is your partner to explore the deep culture and jungle of Irianjaya. Experience Tours Operator, Tours Agent and Travel Agent in Papua.

Papua adventure tours and travel in papua irianjayaIRIAN JAYA is the western half of New Guinea. It became part of Indonesia in 1963 when it was acquired from the Dutch and is Indonesia’s largest Province. It is 421.981 square km, mainly jungle. PAPUA is the other name for Irian Jaya and it is administratively dedicated by Indonesian Government in year 2002 for the indigenous people in the island. This Eastern Province is part of one of the world‘s last frontiers and almost totally covered in tropical rainforest.

This area is essential keeping the reach of natural sources which refers to its character. The world has known its name through out the expeditors and scientists who have made a foot steps on this island for some periods while the most famous tribes for Irian Jaya such as Asmat with outstanding for its wooden crafts, Dani people in Baliem Valley with its incredible stone age cultural heritage, Koroway people with their jungle isolated life, and Yali highlanders in its traditional cultures.

The population of this province is about 3 (three) millions and 10 percents live in central highland around Baliem valley as the home for ancient tribes of the Dani, Lani, and Yali.

The temperature in the highland can be very hot at the day time which sometimes reach to 27 Celsius degrees but may drop quickly at night to 14-15 Celsius degrees. While down in the lowland, the humidity might reach to 85% and yet the temperature doesn’t seem cooler at night. The rain fall is high which averagely about 1,000 cm per annum - therefore this region possesses some of Indonesia’s largest rivers.

Jakarta, Bali, and Medan are the main gates for entering Indonesia. Daily flights by Garuda, Merpati, Celebes, and Efata Air from Jakarta to Jayapura are available with transits in Makassar, Timika, and Biak. To travel around remote places in Papua mostly by air transport, from Jayapura to Wamena by regular flights of Merpati or Trigana air, while Missionary flights can also be chartered to and from remote villages.

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